Portable X-Ray Inspection System SXR-150


The Portable X-Ray Inspection System SXR-150 is used by security services to assess suspicious objects in mass transit systems (air sea, land, rails), as well as on the premises of governmental and industrial sites, offices buildings, etc.

The SXR-150 is designed to:
- Detect weapons, explosives and other dangerous enclosures concealed inside luggage, packages and parcels, or inside vehicles.
- Inspect buildings, interior equipment, office equipment, service lines, walls, etc., in order to detect hidden objects.

General information

To inspect an object is necessary to:
- Place the X-Ray generator one side of the object, and the X-Ray imager on the other side;
- Install the PC based Control and Processing Unit at a safe distance (up to 50 m) from the object;
- Connect the system modules with the cable
- Set the mode of inspection and start the imaging process.

For operation, the elements of the system can be fully linked by cables to remotely control the imaging process. In that case, the PC based Control and Processing Unit is linked to the X-ray Imager by a cable (up to 50 m); the imager is linked to the external X-Ray source controller by a cable of 5 m, and the source controller is linked to the X-ray generator by a cable of 5 m.

A wireless communication link can also be used to remotely control the source and the imaging process. In that case, the wireless connection is between PC based Control and Processing Unit and external X-Ray source controller and allows remote control of the X-Ray generator linked to its external X-ray source controller

The image of an object inspected appears on the PC display right after the registration process completion.

Special features

- Relatively small dimensions and lightweight of the system
- Autonomous power supply
- Use in field conditions thanks to sturdy case for transportation and storage and to broad operating temperature range (from 0°C to+45°C)
- Powerful imaging software with friendly multilingual interface allows exploitation of the system, even by operators with a minimal training

Technical characteristics

X-ray generator:
Generator type: pulse
X-ray tube voltage: 150 kV
Autonomy when powered by the battery in registration mode (number of images): 30 min (up to 150 images)
Full charging time: less than 1 hour
Weight with battery: 10.65 kg
Overall dimensions: 450x135x225 mm


X-ray Imager:
Camera resolution: more than 2.0 line-pairs/mm
Resolvability (localization of copper wire without a barrier): 40 AWG (0.08 mm)
Dynamic range: Better than 60 dB
Size of Inspected area: 250 x 320 mm
Autonomy from battery in registration mode (number of image): 100 min (up to 420 images)
Weight : 7.3 kg
Dimensions: 515 x 145 x 440 mm


PC Based Control and Processing Unit:
Laptop computer:
Processor (minimal): Intel 1.6 GHz
RAM* (minimal): 2048 Mb
Screen size: 14"
SSD memory*: 32 Gb
Autonomy from battery: up to 2 hours
Time of full battery charging: 2 hours
Weight: 5.45 kg
Dimensions: 480 x 120 x 350 mm


Image Processing Functions: Zoom, rotation, inversion, Geometrical Measurements
Image Enhancement Functions: Sharpness Enhancement, Edge Enhancement, Histogram Equalization, Brightness, Gamma Correction, Stretch Intensity, Pseudo Color, 3D effect, Flash Light
Images Archived: Image Database including data:
User name, Date, Time, Place, Category, Annotation


Additional characteristics:
Connection cables length:
PC Based Control and Processing Unit -- X-ray Imager
X-ray Imager -- X-ray generator

Maximal distance from PC Based Control and Processing Unit to X-ray generator for wireless connection: 50 m (in line of sight)
Control efficiency: 120 images/hour
System exploitation mode: 8 hours a day
Weight of the system packed for transportation**: 42 kg
Dimensions of transportation case**: 800 x 520x 310 mm

* Vendor retains the right to make changes in some units configuration.
** Dimensions and weight of the complete set in transportation package may vary depending on type of the package and completeness.

Download detailed description in PDF.