X-Ray Body Scanner VZOR-TS


Being able to see various objects concealed in or under the clothes of a person, on or inside the body may be necessary in the following cases:

1. Systematic or selective control of passengers in airports, railway stations, the public at stadiums, theaters, concert halls, places of worship and other places of mass gathering.
2. Control of personnel working with noble metals, precious stones.
3. Control at customs station.
4. Control of visitors at strategic and sensitive sites.

The goal of such control is to uncover any suspicious objects (metallic and non-metallic) and illegal substances concealed in and under clothes, in the shoes, on and inside the body. In other situations, it might also be desirable to screen people wearing prosthesis.

Today, the standard practice around the world is to use metal detectors, followed by pat-down over the entire body, or even thorough checks requiring the person to undress and be subjected to possibly humiliating controls. These procedures are demanding and embarrassing for both parties and prove to be time consuming. These problems are even more exacerbated in countries with cold weather where people wear a lot of warm and thick clothes.

The emergence of modern technologies now makes it possible to conduct such controls using equipments such as X-ray Body Scanner VZOR-TS.


Special features

The new system of personal inspection VZOR-TS has the following features:

- X-ray optical scanning system is modified - scanning is performed by a narrow fan-shaped ray with a vertical orientation;
- system's design has a reversible circuit of "the passage" inspection , i.e. two doors, which allows to arrange the inspection procedure more effictively;

- the photograph of a person being screened is stored in special database.

- dose measurement for each scan;

- the cheque printed out contains the dose value;

- control and interconnection with the system collecting the results of techno monitoring.

The radiation dose of the VZOR-TS is equivalent to the dose, received during 5 minutes flight at the altitude of 10,000 meters, which is only 10% of the daily dose received from natural background.

Wide dynamic range, high contrast sensitivity and spatial resolution of the X-ray Body Scanner VZOR-TS allow to detect objects of density near to human body tissues.

Powerfull software with user-friendly multilingual interface opens wide possibilities for development and application of new inspection techniques.


Technical characteristics

Size of the scanning area: 2120 х 850 mm
Resolution: 0.33 line pairs / mm
Detectivity for copper wire: not less than Ø 0.19 mm / Ø 0.15 mm*
Penetration power for steel: not less than 20 mm / 22 mm* thickness
Maximal scanning time: 3 sec
Throughput: 3 persons/min
Radiation dose during one scanning: not more than 0,2 μZv / 0,3 μZv*
Power consumption (without personal computer): not more than 0.5 kW
Overall dimensions: 2630 x 1490 x 2600 mm**
Weight, netto: 1150 kg

* for the «Normal» mode / for the «Full» mode
** on the floor, without steps

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How does it work:
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