Portable Selective Microprocessor Metal Detector MOLE


MOLE is a portable selective microprocessor metal detector designed to search for and to identify ferrous and non-ferrous objects in dielectric and weakly conductive environments.

Common characteristics

Convenient controls allow to easily choosing the proper mode of operation and to setting-up the detector in accordance with different conditions.

Search for objects is conducted by moving progressively the search head above the surface of the ground, at a height of 3-10 cm. The detection of a metal object is accompanied by sound signals from the integrated speaker or from the earphone supplied with the device. The intensity and frequency of the signal depend on dimensions and type of the object detected, as well as on distance between the object and the search head.

Two rechargeable storage batteries give the detector autonomy of up to 30 hours of continuous work. The battery charger allows to charging a battery either from mains (220V) or from a car power supply.
For underwater search at a depth of down to 1m, completely waterproof detector is needed.

Object Sizing and Ranging OPERATING MODE

The following features are displayed on the LCD:
- Distance between the search head and the object;
- Approximate size of the object;
- Location of the object relative to the search head;
- Presence of cavities and other ground discontinuities;
- Information on type of metal of the detected object.


The mode is useful for experienced operators.
- The signal reflected from the metal object is graphically displayed on the LCD to make identification of the object much more easy.
- Objects located close to each other are easily identified.
-The orientation of small flat non-ferrous objects and objects made from alloys is represented.
-The search head can be moved at a much higher allowable speed.

The integrated software for data management and processing allows:

- to compensate for ground influence;
- to use "masking" adjustments for appropriate metal types, in order to exclude signals from “metal garbage” and to focus more effeciently on the subject of the search;
- to chose the search range depending on a metal type;
- to set one of three working frequencies available in the range from 7.6 to 7.8 kHz;
- to adjust the intensity of audible signal and display brightness.

Technical characteristics

Detection capability (maximum detection distance)
Small arms ammunitions:
- cartridge caliber 7.62 35 cm
- shell caliber 7.62 32 cm
- bullet caliber 7.62 20 cm
Anti-personnel mine:
- under sand 12 cm
- under ground 8-12 cm
- under fresh water 12 cm
- under salt water 10 cm
- under concrete surface 13 cm
Other metal objects:
- test rod 7 cm
- coin Ø 25 mm 30 cm
- can Ø 100 mm 80 cm
- sewage hatch 150 cm
Other parameters
IP Standard (Optionally) IP65
Telescopic bar length (adjustable) 400 to 950 mm (786 to 1713 mm optionally)
Weight with storage battery 1.95 kg
Power supply (Ni-MН battery) 7.2 v 3000 mAh
Operating time (fully charged battery) 15 h
Operating temperature -20°С to +55°С
Relative humidity up to 95% (at 25°С)
Atmospheric pressure 630 ... 800 mm of mercury

**These are the standard/draft specifications that can be customized as per the requirement of client.

Download detailed description in PDF.

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