Hand-held Selective Microprocessor Metal Detector OVERTONE


The hand-held selective microprocessor metal detector «OVERTONE» is intended for detection of ferrous and non-ferrous objects in dielectric and poorly conducting mediums, in particular, at inspection of people and small objects.

Common characteristics

«OVERTONE» is equipped with audible and visible indicators of different tones and colors to distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Vibrosignalization may be set to ensure secrecy of indication or for operation in noisy places.

«OVERTONE» is equipped with a switch to select between 2 sensitivity levels, depending on the purpose of the search or examination.

«OVERTONE» is equipped with integrated flash-light for work in conditions of poor light.

«OVERTONE» casing is made of break-resistant plastics (ABS). Standard colors are black, gray.

Technical characteristics

Power supply: 4 standard storage or АА type elements (4,8-6 V) provide the time of continuous operation up to 20 hours at 20°С
Dimensions, not more: 405 x 140 x 40 mm
Weight with batteries: 369 g
Exploitation conditions: - relative humidity: up to 98% at +25°C
- atmospheric pressure: from 630 to 800 millimeters of mercury
- temperature range: from -10 to +45°С

Selection properties (cm)

Ferrous Metals: level 1 level 2 Non-errous Metals: level 1 level 2
Makarov pistol 30 cm 22 cm Brass plate 130 x 80mm 25 cm 17 cm
RGD grenade 26 cm 13 cm Copper disk (25x1mm) 14 cm 7 cm
Knife (8” blade) 20 cm 10 cm Bullet (cal. 7.62 mm) 8 cm 5 cm
Safe razor blade 5 cm 2 cm Golden ring (Ø16 mm, weight 1 g) 5 cm 3 cm
Screw m3x7 6 cm 2 cm Silver ring (Ø16 mm, weight 4 g) 5 cm 4 cm

**These are the standard/draft specifications that can be customized as per the requirement of client.

Download detailed description in PDF.

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